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Question: Will my credit card be rebilled for recurring charges?

Answer: NO. Each video has a one time access charge. Your will be asked to create a user name and password whichwill allow you to enter the download area.

Question: On the sign up page.... It says create a password for membership. I though this was a "No Membership" site

Answer: This is a "no membership" site. The membership refers to the 2 day period in which you have to download your selected video, before your password and user name expires. No additional billing will apply

Question: How can I play the video full screen on my computer?

Answer: You must download and install (free download) Quicktime 7.0 or greater from the apple.com website. This will give you the option to play movies full screen. Real player and Windows Media player may not give you this option.

Question: How can I turn the video into a DVD?

Answer: You must first have a DVD burner on your computer and an appropriate DVD burning software package. There are many standard software packages such as Nero, Roxio, and Toast Titanium that will easily convert the movie file into a DVD... the dowload will great a full motion dvd. *

Question: If these are some of the same videos featured in the Flavaboy and RawThugz website... What's the difference?

Answer: The video compression on Flavaboy and RawThugz is set up to view online...through an internet connection..so the files are still great quality but not full screen... The ThugVideo versions are higher compression versions meant to be downloaded and played on the computer and on a Television.. not through an internet connection .

Question: Will I be able to view the video later?

Answer: Yes... As long as you download and save the file to your hard drive before the download access time is terminated * *

If you have any further questions or issues please contact us for a quick response.



    * In order to view videos as a DVD.. you must have a DVD burner, and appropriate DVD burning software.We are not responsible for technical issues or problems with DVD compatibility, DVD burner issue, software issues, DVD player compatibility issue or any and all other non download issues with the DVD creation and viewing process. No refunds will be given for ANYof these reasons... Please make sure you have the appropriate DVD set-up before purchase.

    **Personal private us only... please respect ALL copyright laws...